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Zhen De Shou

Zhen De Shou Fat Loss Capsule


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Product Description

Zhen de Shou is a kind of botanical slimming medicine. It is originated in the old and mysterious primitive forest of Shenogjia where there grows a plant called - crategus pinnatifida, which is also popularly called Shenxianye (fairyleaves). EPT experts found that this crategus pinnatifida has magic effect for slimming. In Shennongjia Natural Reserve, tourists can taste and smell bean curd coocked in water with fairy leaves. Local people are all familiar with the experience that if a person takes (eats) fairy leaves for a week, he will reduce weight by 1.5-4 kg.

Whose function theory is as follows:

1. Consuming surplus fat: Zhen De Shou contains active ingredients that can activate fat metabolism and change white cells of fat depot into brown cells from heat production. White cells of fat depot exist in great amount in parts such as belly, waist, arms and buttocks.
2. Curbing the absorbtion of fat: Konjac contained in fairy leaves can curb the activity of lipase and cut the absorption of fat by intestinal canal. Other ingredients in konjac have strong appetence with fat contained in food and these ingredients and fat can change into non-absorbing compound and be discharged.
3. Controlling the intaking of energy: in the human body, konjac can decompose three natural substances that consume heat in the human body and thus prevent heat from forming fat. In the process, the person drinking the pills has a feeling of being hungry.

Four Features of Zhen De Shou
1. Slimming rapidly: weight can be reduced by 2.55 kg within a period of 10 days.
2. Being in accordance with the five priciples for slimming formulated by the World Health Organization: NO ANOREXIA, NO DIARRHEA, NO ACRATIA, NO ANHYDRATION AND NO RECURRENCE.
3. Targeted Slimming: Have strong effects for reducing fat in waist, belly, thigh and buttocks.
4. You can measure the effect of slimming: every day you will have a pleasant feeling of fat reduction.

Outcome of clinincal trial for Zhen de Shou
1. Meeting the requirements of WHO and FDA concerning slimming.
2. It can rapidly reduce subcutaneous fat and fat around internal organs.
3. After taking3 boxes, the slimmer can have his/her waistline reduced by 8.8 cm on average.
4. On the average, weight can be reduced by 6 kg after the slimmer has taken two boxes of the medicine. Effective rate (weight reduction >5%) is above 90%, apparent wieght reduction >10% is over 70%.



crategus pinnatifida, safflower,Konjacflour, cassia seed , gingko-nut and alga (luoxuanzao).

I.crategus pinnatifida

1: Reduces and Guides Out Food Stagnation.
2: Transforms Blood Stasis and Dissipates Clumps.
3: Stops Diarrhea. 
4: Used for hypertension, coronary artery disease, elevated serum cholesterol.

ii. safflower 

Brilliant yellow, orange or red flowers grow about 1 to 1 ½” across. This thistle is valued for its flowers in summer and for the oil contained in its seeds. Tender shoots can be eaten as a salad and potherb. Seeds, both edible and nutritious, are eaten roasted or fried and used in chutney.Traditionally used for coloring and flavoring foods, medicines and making red and yellow dyes.

iii. Konjacflour

konjak is perennial plant vegetation. underground tubers present large spheroid shape. it is stout in petioles, cylindrical in shape, light green with black purple mottling and palm-like compound leaf. it has strong function in eliminating toxin, beautifying skin, invigorating pulse, lower blood pressure, losing weight and appetizing.

iv. Cassia seed, lotus&nbs

They could break down accumulated fat in human body quickly, accelerate metabolism of stubborn fat, and inhibit the ingestion of after-dinner fat.


250 mg capsules×10 capsules × 1 pack

store in a cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition.

shelf life: 24 months 

Unsuitable Community:

- People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease;
- People with psychosis or addict of drugs, medicine or alcohol;
- People with hyperthyroidism, insufficiency of liver or kidney;
- People with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma;
- Women in pregnancy or lactation;
- People under the age of 18 or above 60;
- People who are consuming prescription drugs.

Usage & Dosage:

Strictly once a day 30 minutes before breakfast (before breakfast with 350~500cc water)

May Occur Side Effects:  

Mouth dry,   Light Dizzy.


1. In order to get best effect, remember to keep on a balanced diet with appropriate exercise while taking this product.

2. We can not guarantee that all people will have effect with Zhen De Shou. Some people will loss weight effectively. Some won't!! Please understand this.

3. Some will be allergic to the ingredients of Zhen De Shou. It is common sense. So please do not afraid. Once u found this, please stop it immediately. But u need to know that this is your personal problem not the pills. All ingredients of Zhen De Shou are natural and safe. So please read ingredients carefully before purchase or consult our customer service


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